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The Art of Skateboarding 2012

Sponsors for The Art of Skateboarding 2012

These fine local and national companies were kind enough to donate time and products to help make this event a true success. Please visit their websites and see what valuable services and items they offer. Join us at the event to experience some of their fine work.

metrovwtx.com            redbull.com          Red Stripe

vans.com    southsideonlamar.com    papercitymag.com     rainvodka.com

hypeskateboards.com             Vitamin Water          myspace.com/taylordproductions             vans.com

dallasnomads.com    vans.com    Al Coker and Associates

buffalotrace.com       letsgetseen.com      recyclerevolutiondallas.com

www.legalelements.net      www.talonshred.com

To learn more about Texas Scottish Rite Hospital visit their website at www.tsrhc.org

To learn more about Nomad Arts visit their website at www.dallasnomads.com

To learn more about Hype Skateboard and Push Productions visit their website at www.hypeskateboards.com

Tickets are $25.00 each in advance paid online. Tickets will be $30.00 each at the door.
Underwriting packages will be available from $2,500-$5,000.

For more information contact Tom Currie at 214.675.1435
or tom@dallasnomads.com

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children